Sunday, June 19, 2016

Childish misunderstandings

This is Kaity Jane. She is a sweetheart. She will be FOUR in just about a week. I was over at Kaity's house the other day and the boys and I were having a conversation about a movie we had seen a few weeks ago: "Angry Birds." It was an animated story, not very well written, but parts of it were very sad to me, because it mocked GOD. So the boys and I were talking about this, with Kaity cuddled up next to me on their stairway.

I was reminding the boys about how much God loves us, how He gave His life for us, and that we should never ever make fun of Him. I could see Kaity going back and forth, looking at my face, listening to my words, comparing them with the boys' ... and then she looked up into my face and said this:

"You are God, grandma."

I told her I most definitely was not God.

"But you love us, grandma!"

Ah, but Kaity--God loves you so much more than I do! Dear, dear Kaity. You are watching, aren't you? You are listening and observing all the time! Your little heart knows your grandma loves you, and so I trust that some day you will know without one single doubt that YOU ARE LOVED by the God who made you, the Christ who died for you, and I pray His love will make all the difference in your life. 

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