Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A sleepover with Emma

After we were finished at the beach Sunday night, I drove the boys home and Emma decided to spend the night here at the Beach house. We uploaded our Grand Haven pictures and edited them for awhile and then we got ready for bed and just relaxed.

Emma reading "Finding Dory" to me on her favorite chair.
 We did not watch a movie, but Emma introduced me to one of her favorite Netflix programs--Ah! I forgot the name of it. But we watched Episode 1 together and then I just had to go to sleep.

We slept in Saturday morning, ate a nice breakfast together, got cleaned up and then we had our Bible story time. We have been studying stories about JESUS and this week we had followed Jesus to Nazareth where he was reading the Isaiah scroll on the Sabbath. Jesus referred to two Old Testament stories after he was finished reading. One of those stories was about Elijah and the widow.
 So I decided to study those two Old Testament stories and teach them to the children BEFORE doing the Nazareth story, so that we can figure out WHY Jesus reminded the people of Nazareth about these stories and WHY they got murderously angry at Jesus for doing so!
 I love this story about faith in the middle of a hopeless situation. God is SO kind and SO great, isn't He?
The widow did not completely believe that Elijah was God's messenger until her little boy had died and Elijah called upon the name of the LORD to bring him back to life. What a wonderful picture of how WE finally come to faith in Jesus, because of HIS resurrection from the dead. I loved studying this story--and the next one is equally good!

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