Sunday, June 19, 2016

I love Brendan's hat ...

Last Tuesday evening, Brendan came over for a visit. His folks were at a work conference downtown, so we came over to my place to play for awhile. Kelly had given this little bubble-maker machine to Brendan earlier in the day and it hadn't yet been tested--so we got to try it out on my front porch.

 So typical for Brendan, this was a LONG activity. He played and played with this little machine, analyzed it through and through, and had a great time watching the bubbles go up up up, catch the air and go over the road, sometimes into the trees. We talked for a long time about their beautiful colors and sizes. Sometimes two or three bubbles would bump together and instead of bursting, they would join together and marry!
 I just love Brendan's hat, don't you?
 We played inside for awhile too. I constructed a train track of sorts. My friend, Wendy, had gotten a bin full of wooden tracks and a few trains. I added a few items (the crane, and a few key tracks) and put them together for Brendan to enjoy.

 And he most definitely did enjoy them ...

 Brendan's got tons of trains at his own house, some very fancy ones even. But he was still interested in playing with my little set anyway!

This little fellow is such a treasure ...

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