Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Monday afternoon adventures

It seems like Mondays come around pretty quickly. There are times when I wake up on Monday morning and I wonder if I will have enough energy to entertain Kaity for 4-5 hours in the afternoon. Sometimes I worry that we will not have a good time together. So I pray! I ask God to help me be a loving grandma to this little granddaughter. He always comes through for us too!
The sky was overcast and there was an occasional sprinkle in the air ... Kaity really really wanted to go to a playground. So we thought we would just take a chance, no matter what. We went over to Grand Rapids Township Park (off the Beltline, near Knapp). It's a great place to play. 
 Kaity is a very physical child. She loves to climb and run and play. There were tons of children at the park yesterday too. Below are Katy and Cora twirling themselves and becoming friends.

 Kaity really comes alive outside. It is a wonderful sight. She loves everything about a playground. She loved this motorcycle. 
 I think the merry-go-round was the biggest hit of the afternoon though. Several little girls gathered around and became fast friends. We met Iris and ... her sister (I can't remember her name!), and another girl Anna ... and there was Louis and Justin and a bunch of kids. Kaity was in her glory.
 Much of the time I was the spinner for all of the kids. But they did very well keeping this merry-go-round going without me (thankfully). We also played many games of Hide-n-seek. I was the counter and the seeker every time. It was such a riot to see where these little ones would chose to hide.
 After two hours at the playground, we drove back to my place. We blew bubbles together for quite awhile ...

 Kaity did a little more climbing on my porch railing ....
 We introduced our finger-puppet worm to the little green worm we found on my porch railing ...

 Kaity jumped rope for awhile ...

 She even helped me cut my lawn! She thought this powerless lawn motor was the greatest. ALL of the kids love this lawn mower--I think it is because they can DO IT THEMSELVES and there is no nasty motor noise to frighten them.

Paco the Pig even got into the action yesterday. Kaity was pretty determined to teach Paco how to play the flute! Look at her--isn't she a scream?

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