Monday, June 11, 2018

A few neglected pictures ...

Last Saturday, May 2:  I forgot to post these few pics from last week. The kiddos had come over (minus Matthew) for the afternoon. Kaity-Girl requested a nice relaxing bath, which of course, was granted to her!
 Kaity played for 45 minutes in a bubble bath with all sorts of fun toys. She came out squeaky clean.
 Her hair had been SO tangled ... so when we shampooed it, we used a shampoo/conditioner, PLUS we used an extra conditioner ... a LOT of extra conditioner. And then I sectioned off her hair and carefully combed through and pinned each one until ...

 Kaity had quite an up-do! I neglected to take any pictures of it when we removed the clips, but it sure was soft and pretty without one single knot or tangle! Kaity was pleased.
 I snuck this picture of Chris (and you can see Emma in the background to the left) but he didn't really want his picture taken ...
 ... Chris, Ems and Matt are all opposed to having their pictures taken! Sorry, Chris, I caught this one of you anyway.
Last Saturday night was the first time in many many months that Emma spent the night at my house. We took the other kiddos home and then Emma returned here. We watched Despicable Me 3 (I fell asleep during it), slept solidly and went to church together. I felt SO blessed to have Emma there, SO completely happy. Thank you, Lord!

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