Thursday, June 21, 2018

I am now a grandma Garden member!

Monday, June 18:  In order to allow Dylan and Kelly to have a restful day after being up all night delivering Erin, I took the boys over to Meijer Gardens and joined up as a member! There is a ton of stuff to do over at the Gardens and the membership is very reasonable.
 Baby Aidan really loves this fancy stroller and was content to stay put for the first little while at least.
 We went to the children's garden and played with the "Great Lakes" and the boats ...
 Brendan got his shirt soaking wet ...

 Brendan is very intense about his playing. But I observed that many children his age were the same way.

 Brendan asked to take the Children's Tram. It did not arrive until 11:45, so we walked around the Japanese Gardens while we waited ...
 What a gorgeous setting ... I am going to have to take many alone hikes here with my camera!

 The children's tram ride was an adventure in investigation. The tram took us through the sculpture gardens and we learned many things about the sculptures there.
 The tram was equipped with cute binoculars, magnifying glasses, and information about how to be a serious investigator.

 We found this little tree frog hiding in the grass ...
 Brendan was completely delighted.

 We ate our lunch over at Chick Fil A. I'm not certain what Aidan is thinking about ... he looks a bit disconcerted ...

 Doesn't he have the cutest little profile?

We went back to my house and played for the rest of the day ... in the sticky hotness that was Monday! 

 When we drove back to their house, we saw baby Erin briefly--she was sleeping, so we did not disturb her. Aidan played hide 'n seek with me on the couch.

 And then he showed me his special little chair upstairs.
 Look at his happy face!

Thank you, Lord, for this day with this family. 

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