Saturday, June 30, 2018

Kaitlynn Jane ... precious Kaity-Girl

Friday, June 29:  It's Kaity's birthday today. She is SIX. I love her so much. She is a delightful, precious little person. I am so thankful she was born and that she is MY granddaughter. I love her to pieces.
We celebrated Kaity's birthday over at the Beach House last weekend with gifts and fun crafts. I enjoyed every minute of it. Kaity's parents threw her an outside party tonight with a bounce house and grilled hot dogs AND the girls from her Readiness K class were all invited. How fun to meet these sweet little girls who are my Kaity's friends!
I love your smile, Kaity-Jane!
I took a few pictures at Kaity's party, but haven't downloaded them off my phone yet ... I will do that soon ...

So I found the pictures (in my phone) that I took the night of Kaity's party. Most of the party took place outside with a bouncy house, a slip 'n slide, hot dogs, etc.

These are just pictures of the gift opening. Kaity invited all 18 of the children in her Readiness Kindergarten class. Quite a few of them were able to come!

They brought such nice gifts for Kaity too! Plus, her Grandma and Grandpa Hand were there lending a hand as well.

 These little girls were so darling all gathered around to look at the gifts.
And I am not sure I have ever seen Diana look this happy ... at least not in a very long time. I was so glad to see it!
 Kaity was delighted with the whole thing!

 The party was a 100% success. Good job, Jes and Di. 
Good memories made for Kaitlynn Jane ... one very special and precious person.

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