Thursday, October 16, 2008

San Antonio to El Paso!

After driving nine hours today, Grandpa Jones and I arrived at the gate of Fort Fliss at 5:20 p.m. mountain time. It took another half hour to get all of the proper papers in order to register our vehicle, check our identifications, get our permits, and then check into the Lodge here on base.

At about 6:15, we finally arrived and were greeted by three very excited grandchildren! Happiness! :) We all went out to dinner tonight to celebrate being together again. Emma and Christopher talked NONSTOP for almost two hours! They had so much to tell us about! Emma told me all about her speech class today and how they are working on the letter "L" like in the word, REAL. She said her "L" so clearly with her tongue extended, and it was wonderful to hear her pronounce it so distinctly! She seemed very pleased too. Both Christopher and Emma have lost a few more teeth ... they look like happy little jack o'lanterns!

It's now almost 9:00 and grandpa and I are finally resting up back at the Lodge after our long day. Emma has school all day tomorrow and Christopher is in school between 10:30 and about 2:45. So we're going to rest up tomorrow morning and then spend some 1-on-1 with Matthew while we wait for the older kids to return home from school.

The internet is kind of hit or miss (mostly miss) on the base, so sometimes I will have pictures posted, but mostly I won't! It's so slow and frustrating that I may just have to wait until we return to Grand Rapids to fill in the narrative with photos. But no matter what, I'll try to keep a journal of our happenings here in El Paso and let you know what we're up to. Good night, and God bless! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi all: We loved the great descriptive narrative and can just
imagine how you described it. Thanks
for letting us share in you vist
with Diana, Emma, Chris, Matthew,
and Mitzi and Sammy.