Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday in San Antonio

We had a full and happy day today in San Antonio. What a pretty place it is! I'd like to tell you we went to church this morning and worshipped, but Nathan and Nia are still recovering from some pretty heavy-duty colds and they have runny noses of the type that are not looked favorably upon in nurseries or children's church. So Grandpa Jones and I slept in this morning and went over to Nick and Rachel's at about 11:00 a.m.
Rachel spent some time on the internet last night trying to find a nice happy place for Grandpa Jones to visit ... and look what she came up with! Trains!
It wasn't a long drive to the Texas Transportation Museum, the weather was perfect, and look at how happy Grandpa Jones is!
It was a pretty cool place. Lots and lots of trains, all kinds of layouts ~inside and outside ~ and even an official real-life, full-sized train ride (well, the train was full-sized, the ride was kind of short!).
See Nathan peaking over the #6? I think Nathan was a bit overwhelmed by these huge trains. He seemed to prefer the models ...

Nia had herself a good time too ... she looks like trouble behind the wheel of this old truck!

She's not at all shy of a camera and thankfully smiles, oh-so-sweetly, for her pictures! There was a whole warehouse/building with antique cars and horse-drawn carriages ...

We ladies did our best to maintain a high level of interest in all things train related ...
There was an official train ride down a short stretch of track ... I like this of Nathan and Nick.
I think we spent about two hours here. We ate lunch at a taco place, but I can't remember the name of it ... and then Rachel and I dropped everyone back at the apartment and went to a discount book store for about an hour. Nia napped while we were gone, and the boys played with playdough.

We decided to take a long walk in the evening downtown on the Riverwalk. It's a beautiful place. Grandpa Jones and I did this a few years ago with Sabrina's family, taking the official boat tour and everything. This year, we just walked along the river and enjoyed the sites.

It feels so European to walk along a river with huge old buildings and canals, ancient trees and beautiful flowers ...

I think we walked a couple of miles tonight! Extremely pleasant atmostphere, perfect weather, I loved it!

The best part, though, was these little faces ... aren't they beautiful kids?
Oh, I almost forgot to show you the latest addition to their family. Meet Baldwin (as in Baldwin piano). He was 8 weeks when they got him, and that was about 5 weeks ago ... still just a little tiny puppy they tell me ... yikes! I think he grew two inches while we were downtown tonight! Sorry about this rather bland narration of our day, but I am just a wee bit too tired tonight to care! Grandpa Jones and I head down to Corpus Christi tomorrow. Rachel is feeling a bit too near her due date to have their family join us; but we will return to spend more time with them Tuesday evening.

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