Monday, April 4, 2016

A few snapshots of Brendan from Saturday

After all that driving around, picture-taking, we finally arrived at my house. I very badly wanted to upload my snow photos, so I got out the bin of LEGOS for Little Fellow and he completely entertained himself while I edited my pictures.

 We did some painting today ... a nice big butterfly picture. Brendan was very pleased to be painting.
 We got out the bean bags and did "The Bean Bag" song about eight times while marching around the house. We also listened to a ton of children's music. Brendan especially liked the song about Zaccheus. Apparently Brendan has a storybook at home that retells the story very nicely. 
 Brendan enjoyed a nice chocolate sundae ...
 ... and some sweetened ice tea. We ate a good, healthy meal first though.

I'm getting used to Brendan being four now. I love him so much. We have such interesting conversations. So thankful to be alive and enjoy all of the blessings the Lord brings!

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