Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekend pictures ...

Weekends can be very odd sometimes, especially when you have no idea as to when plans can be made and with whom--but I am fairly used to that situation and have learned to have Plans A-C (at least) so that I can be more accommodating. As it was, Emma was able to spend the night Friday night--a one-on-one with my Emma!
 The only drawback was that, due to her schedule, I could not pick her up until 9:00--which I did! I picked her up at Three Mile Project and brought her over here. We hung out for a little while and then Emma used my computer for a bit while I was getting my jammies on, etc. She took these pictures on PhotoBooth. She loves to play with my computer.
 We decided to watch an easy, funny, happy movie so Emma chose "Tangled." Good choice, Ems! We laughed and enjoyed it very much and then went to bed and slept very soundly. We had a few happy hours in the morning too and did our Bible story of Nicodemus hearing the GOOD NEWS from Jesus and what happened afterwards! I love this story so much!

We had arranged to pick the other kiddos up at noon and I thought it might be nice (since it was an amazingly beautiful and mild day) to drive back to Hager Park and play outside for a few hours. I brought lots of snacks with me (as usual).
 The children always appreciate a nice snack.
 We ate at a picnic table near the playground ... but it was awfully close to families who were in the middle of arguments, mostly moms and pre-teens. I thought (hoped) we would spend at least two hours there ... but it did not turn out that way whatsoever.
 NOTE TO SELF:  (1)  Remember! Every day is a different day with these kiddos. Just because an activity worked three weeks ago, does not mean it will work TODAY. I have to write this out so that I will LEARN and not keep repeating the same mistakes. (2)  Secondly, none of the children (except Kaity) do well in the heat. It was just shy of 80 degrees in the full sunlight, just after noon, and I will say it was wonderfully hot--but I love heat! These guys definitely do not like heat. They also do not like bugs of any shape or kind: hence, bees, flies, mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, dragon flies, etc. They more than dislike them--they come rather unglued around them.  (3)  When kiddos are unhappy, do not try to force them to BE HAPPY. It is a ridiculous and not very respectful effort. When I mean not respectful, I mean: broken hearts should not have to mend at my demand! Life is hard enough without having to "put a smile" on your face when your heart is aching. Grandma's should not need to receive fake smiles just so that they can take a nice picture.  (4)  It is important to acknowledge their sadness and let them know I care and that I love them.  

So ... we packed up our picnic snack, loaded up the kiddos and drove back to The Beach House where we were able to successfully play for about an hour before it was time to take the children back to their house. I will eventually learn (hopefully) not to be so self-centered and be more sensitive to their hearts and wishes.
 The rest of these pictures are just ones that I took Saturday night on a short walk around the neighborhood.

Thank you, Lord, for the GOOD NEWS that I can be born into Your family. Thank you that the life you give is ETERNAL. Thank you that one day you will return and right the wrongs in this world and heal brokenhearted children.

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