Monday, April 25, 2016

A sleepover with Brendan

This is a random spring picture and has nothing
whatsoever to do with this post!
But it is FINALLY spring and I am so happy it is!
I got to have a sleepover with Brendan Friday night at HIS house. Dylan and Kelly were downtown for the weekend at a work-sponsored conference, so I picked Brendan up after work and away we went!

First, it had been years and years since I had seen Toy Story I and I thought that perhaps if I picked up a copy of it, we could watch it before bedtime. We headed on over to Best Buy and bought ourselves a copy. I thought I was going to take Brendan out for Chinese for dinner, but when we pulled up at the Chinese place Brendan asked if there was any pizza in there. I told him there was rice and broccoli and noodles and all kinds of yummy stuff ... but no pizza.

Brendan usually LOVES Chinese. But for some reason, he put his little head down and started sobbing that all he wanted was pizza, and "where was the pizza?" Oh my word. I was not prepared for this! I've never seen him do this behavior before ... and since we were still in my car, I told him we did not have to eat Chinese, we could certainly find some pizza somewhere. At first, he could not be consoled. So I got in the back seat where he was strapped into his car seat and I rubbed his little face and told him that we certainly could have pizza. Whew. 

We had our yummy personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut and then we went to his house. It has probably been 20 years since I had seen Toy Story. I must admit, seeing it now, that it was a little bit scary! Brendan did fine, but if I could pick again, I would not choose that movie. There was something so sinister about the neighbor kid and all of those spooky toys. Brendan and I read some happy stories together before tucking him in for the night.

Saturday morning, we played at The Beach House. It is easy to play with kiddos here ... something to do with the fun toys, I think.

Nothing unusual about our playtime. We had lots of fun, as always. We did a lot of pretending with our finger and hand puppets, and we laughed a lot too. I love spending time with this little person.

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