Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Frog Hollow with Brendan

I spent Monday evening with my Little Fellow. He and his folks have been passing a sickness back and forth for the last 10 days or so and Brendan has been indoors as a result, much more than he would like. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend!
We decided to drive over to "Frog Hollow" and enjoy the mild weather and the wonderful sunshine.
Frog Hollow is a nice park behind Metro Hospital that has lots of interesting play stuff. Dylan and Kelly often take Brendan there.
Brendan rolled down the hills ...
... in true bare-footed splendor!
He investigated the dry grass for quite awhile. He was so interested in the texture and color!
Brendan crawled through many tunnels ... I was sneaking my hands through the holes on the sides of the bottom one, pretending that I was going to "get him." He loves that.
Brendan played for the longest time with the wood chips (!!) making them into all kinds of things in his imagination. He is a very three dimensional person. He had a whole Christmas theme going with these wood chips for awhile.

We had such a relaxing time enjoying this little park.
When we arrived back at Brendan's, a fire truck drove up and parked across the street. The firemen waved at Brendan. He was thrilled to see the truck. I don't think there was any emergency, but it stayed parked there for quite awhile.
I got to tuck this little one in for the night, after we played for a little bit, editing pictures on my computer. He was his usual cuddle-snuggle self. I love him.

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