Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Matthew is Eleven!

Matthew turned 11 on April 10. Last year was his golden birthday, but now we are on to other things ...
Diana had a birthday gathering over at their house for family ... Grandma and Grandpa Hand were there and gave a TWO gift cards to Matthew--one from Kohl's and one from Toys R Us! 
She made cupcakes that we helped to decorate. Kaity was really far more interested in eating them--she was rather partial to the frosting.
Matthew got a lot of nice presents. Emma painted this Minecraft canvas for him. Nice job, Emma!
Uncle Dylan came with a very cool card and a Star War's LEGO model. Aunt Kelly was home with sick cousin, Brendan--we missed them!

Matthew "ordered" a Cocoa kitty hand puppet just like the one I have at my house--all the kids have loved this puppet!
He received a car racing set from his mom and dad ...
We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY while Matthew admired his ON FIRE cupcake and then he blew them all out.
I love you, Matthew. I pray this year you will grow to know how much Jesus loves you and the good things He has planned for your life.

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