Monday, April 4, 2016

Crazy beautiful snow on April 2

No one can accuse Michigan of being boring--that's for sure! On Facebook, someone had posted sNOw!!!! She not happy with the white stuff whatsoever. But honestly, it was magically beautiful--the ice and snow outlined every branch and twig, making every place look like a fairy tale.
 I was scheduled to spend the afternoon with Brendan. Kelly had been "up" the entire night before (and much of the one prior to that) helping to birth a baby. And Dylan was on his way to Las Vegas for a few days to present a paper at a conference. Brendan and I dropped Dylan off at the airport at 3:00. Thankfully, I had my camera in the car! I turned around and looked at darling Brendan all strapped nicely in his car seat and told him that we were going to go on a little "ride" because grandma needed some pictures of the beauty. Brendan agreed this would be a great idea (little sweetheart). The picture above is actually Brendan's front yard as we left for the airport.
 I'm not sure which road the picture above is from. We just kept driving until I would see a pretty scene, roll down my window, and snap a picture. However, a giant drop of water inadvertantly hopped onto my lens (!!) and spoiled several pictures. 
 We drove out to Ada and parked near enough to the covered bridge for me to snap a few pictures too; however, that drop of water remained on my lens (I didn't know it was there!).

 These two of the Ada Bridge are somewhat decent except I was unable to get a good angle of the bridge. I did not want to have to get both of us out of the car repeatedly. Additionally, neither of us were layered up for this kind of weather. Brendan did not even have his boots with him. 
 Below is the boardwalk off of Pettis and Fulton. Yikes ... I wanted to hike it SO badly. But it was okay. My small passenger was having a blast in the back seat watching me go crazy over the beauty. Brendan has a marvelous sense of humor.

 These pictures are from a little park off of Pettis with an Indian name. It had parking spots that allowed me to at least jump out of the car for a few seconds, walk a few feet away, and aim my camera better. Brendan very patiently waited in the car (never out of my sight). He is an extremely patient little soul.

 At times, it was blowing snow SO hard, I could barely see! It was wonderful.

 I liked these little scenes (above and following) with the fences ...

 After exploring for an hour, street after street, down roads that looked intriguing, etc. we finally found ourselves on Chauncey Avenue. I love Chauncey Avenue.

 I was so excited about being outside in the big wide world surrounded by this amazing beauty--and Brendan caught my enthusiasm, laughing at my craziness down every road we turned. He was a great pal!

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