Friday, April 15, 2016

The blue clarinet ...

This darling little fellow came over to visit me Thursday night. He is always a joy to have around. Brendan and his folks have been fighting an off-and-on cold for many weeks now. He has been getting a little stir-crazy around their place ... so he came over to The Beach House for a few hours of reprieve. Brendan is always ready to play. We started out with a nice long bath because I had a few "new" bath toys. The bath made Brendan's hair curl--I had forgotten that his hair curls in humidity. (So does mine,;and I for one, am hoping the humidity returns before I chop every hair off my head!)

The above picture is Brendan trying out the piano pedals and me explaining to him what they do.
Brendan is a very careful listener.
We did stories, LEGOS, pretend stuff ...

We built and played tag ... and my toy room got a lot of use!

But the "hit" of the night was my "BLUE CLARINET." 
"Look! Look at my cwarinet, Grandma!" came his little voice. "Well, Brendan, that is not a clarinet," I told him. "Clarinets are usually made out of brass or some kind of metal. What you are playing is a flute or a recorder. They are made of plastic or wood."
"No, Grandma," he replied. "My cwarinet is not made out of pwastic or wood ... it is made out of BWUE!"
Hence, Brendan's "bwue cwarinet."
Which of course, made me crack up ... and then he cracked up too!
Watch out, Brendan--Grandma just might take a big bite out of you!

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