Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A fall tradition ...

We've had a cold wet first two weeks of fall, but finally caught a "break" in the weather late Saturday afternoon. I picked up the kids and we drove out to our favorite fall place, "Schwallier's Basket" over on Alpine and 9 Mile.
 It wasn't quite as crowded as the usual weekend here because many people probably thought it was too wet and muddy ... and they were probably kind of right! We were glad we went anyway. The kids love to feed the goats.
 Because ... the kiddos love animals of all kinds.
 We played with baby goats, soft kittens, jumping bunnies ...
 These boys ... love them!

 We rode the wagon out to the corn maze and all FIVE of us did the maze together.

 Emma and Chris each had a map and 3-D glasses to guide us through the crazy twists and turns of this beautiful field of corn.

Naturally, we got almost hopelessly lost!

 It was wonderful to be out in God's wonderful creation with the children once again. I can't think of anything I would rather do.

 Kaity was a trouper out there in all that corn. She likes to keep up with the big kids, so she did not whine or complain about us being lost.

 Matthew, on the other hand, was a little bit tired of our wandering around in circles! I don't blame him! He just wanted to find the EXIT and get out of there! This was after we wandered for 30+ minutes. He did not start out so glum. :)

 We finally found the way out ... yes! And then we wandered around the orchard for awhile. Beautiful place.
 And we rode the wagon back to the main farm.
 Eating apples as we went ...

 I love these children so much.

I love autumn more and more every year it seems. I am learning NOT to dread what follows (winter) because every season is SO beautiful. 

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