Sunday, October 9, 2016

Love this little child ...

Years ago, if anyone had told me how wonderful being a grandma was--I don't think I would have believed them. I guess it is just something I had to experience for myself. It is wonderful. My heart is happiest when I am with one or the other or all of them. 

 Brendan is such an interesting little soul. It does not take much to please him. He is very easy to play with and engage. He had quite a bit of fun playing with the window stickers we bought this afternoon at Meijer. He was so pleased.
 He loves the toys at my house. I'm so glad he does! He has an active imagination and plays so well. I love to watch him as he plays. He is very intense about it!
 Brendan loves my super LONG Richard Scarry Train Book.
 We also brought home a carton of Hudsonville (THE best) chocolate ice cream and enjoyed every last lick on our spoons!
 And played ever so long with simple wooden blocks and a few of our PlayMobile people (and horses).
 We built a fancy house with a very tall chimney ...
 Look at his expression (below). Ah! I could eat him up.
 Brendan was pretty determined that the horses and their riders have an outdoor fireplace--so he designed this one for them. Very nice, Brendan!
 And naturally, we always do a little music around here with this talented kiddo.

The time always goes much too quickly and soon we have to take ourselves out to the car and drive back to the city .... until next Thursday sweetheart!

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