Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kaity and I ...

Monday's are my special times with Kaity. Every Monday! Wow. It has been an entire year now of Monday afternoons with Kaity. We have grown to love each other very much. I am very blessed in so many ways. What a rich experience it is to be a grandma!

Since we'd had so much fun over at Schwallier's Saturday night, when it was crammed packed with people and we spent the majority of our time being lost in the corn maze, I decided to take Kaity back and just let her "loose" for a little while to run and play where the air is fresh and clean and there are so many healthy things to do and see! We started out with donuts and THEN went over to the goats after we had finished eating. 
Kaity loves it out here! I'm so glad. I WISH Schwallier's was open year-round; but alas, only during the months of September and October!
I love how Kaity loved the goats -- and they loved her too.
The tube slide in the barn is super fun. Kaity was not one bit scared.
She loves the corn as well. Kaity is a very tactile learner.
And she is very careful and sweet with the kitties too.

We walked through the pumpkin patch, but left each pumpkin where it grew ... Kaity's mom likes to do the pumpkin carving with the kids. But Kaity at least consented to a nice picture out in the pumpkin patch.

Below: "I love this place, Grandma!" Kaity shouted and she ran up and down the rows of delicious apples!
And of course the duck pond and water pumps are always a hit with all of the kiddos. Kaity played with a little boy we met named Ezra. They sent the rubber ducks back and forth to each other.

She was finally exhausted from all of that pumping and requested we go over to my house to play for awhile.
Kaity brought a whole bad of stuffed friends to play with us today!
She loves to play at the Beach House. Look at her happy little face.

I love you Kaity, dear!

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