Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Monday adventure with Kaity-Girl

Monday afternoon was a perfect fall day--upper 60's, sunshine, a light breeze. The trees are just starting to turn here in W. Michigan. It is deliciously beautiful.

 Since Kaity loves the outdoors so much, we took the opportunity to spend most of our day outside! We drove over to Roselle Park (Ada) for an adventure. We climbed 90 steps up to the top of the silo to the look-out platform and this was our view (above). The doors to the outside deck were locked (as always), but we could see through the windows in every direction. I was pretty proud of Kaity climbing all 90 steps!
 We decided to get as close as we could to the horses after we came out of the silo. Such beautiful creatures. Kaity decidedly liked them.
 She wanted to ride them pretty badly--but these horses were not FOR riding. We watched them and talked to them for quite awhile.
 We decided to take a nice walk down the main pathway through the wetlands to see what we could see. We saw lots of beautiful little birds, quite a few grasshoppers, some pretty butterflies, lots of squirrels and chipmunks ...
We explored the small observation deck for awhile ...
 And then we continued our travels ...
 ... all the way to the Grand River. So peaceful!
 I threw a small rock off this precipice and we listened to the "plink" as it landed. Kaity thought it was great and for the next 20 minutes or so, she went rock hunting and made many different plunking sounds. She was very delighted.
 Look at her sweet smile!

 Horse was with us for all of our adventures today.
 These are the hi-lo's. You can just make out the observation deck at the top of the closest hi-lo. I have never climbed those 90 stairs and found the doors Unlocked yet! But as I am climbing the steps up and up and up, I am reminded of being in a lighthouse ... and I LOVE being in a lighthouse! So the climb is always worth it, even if the door is locked.

 There is a small play area by the silos and some good climbing features right ON the silos. It is very nicely put together.

After we enjoyed Roselle Park, we drove back to my house hitting a pothole at 50 mph when almost to my house! Thankfully, the tire did not go flat until we reached my house! Sadly, the rim is destroyed ... but we were safe and in a good place to receive help from AAA, etc. Very thankful.

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