Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Saturday afternoon without rain ...

It has been a tiny bit difficult to make plans for a Saturday with the children because the weather here has been SO unpredictable ... yet at the same time VERY wet and rainy! But the rain went away just in time to allow us a small window of dry weather to enjoy the zoo again Saturday afternoon. Yes!
The four grandkids and I spent a good amount of time watching the penguins Saturday. They were more playful than usual and gave us a lot of joy.

It is getting late in the season and many zoo exhibits are closed. We were glad to visit the grizzlies again ...
Kaity does a pretty big GROWL.

Kaity is pretty enthusiastic at the zoo. She runs from place to place, laughing and giggling. I love to see her happy like this. We watched the frogs (below) for awhile ...
The zoo was dressed up for Halloween. These guys LOVE Halloween.
It was 70 degrees Saturday afternoon! Beautiful!

This little train has been at the zoo since my boys were little, and now my grandchildren play here!
Matthew! He loves to stand on top of stuff ...

After the zoo closed, we went over to the zoo playground for awhile to climb and play.

And NO Saturday is complete without chocolate-dipped cones at McDonald's. We always get Kaity's in a cup with a cone on the side. Here is Emma putting some ice cream into Kaity's cone for her. Emma takes good care of Kaity-girl.
I love you, kiddos!

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