Monday, October 31, 2016

Back to the Zoo and more with Kaity

It was a little chilly this afternoon, but since the season is winding down and our snow-less days are numbered, I took Kaity for one last romp at the zoo. We were greeted by the geese and ducks (as usual) and we had some fun with them before we hiked over to see the pelicans.

We don't usually get to see the pelicans swimming. I didn't know they were so graceful! And aren't they so beautifully white?

The turkey posed very nicely for my camera today too! Kaity was pleased that he came over for a little chat with us.
 Since today IS Halloween, the zoo was all decked out for the occasion. The very best part of our visit today was the conversation Kaity had with Mr. Fox! Just like when we were here a few weeks ago, Mr. Fox was howling (if you can call it that) away in his little area. Kaity got all excited to see if she could mimic his sound ... and she did quite an excellent job! In fact, our little Kaity had quite the LONG conversation with Mr. Fox this afternoon. She was SO pleased! I think he was too! I will remember it for a very long time with deep down joy.
We went back home to my house and played with our animal friends for awhile and then we decided to do a little (very little) raking again this week.
Kaity is so much fun to watch when she is playing outside. She really lets loose. She is very physical, LOVES to run and jump and play. I love her so!

She let me bury her again this week. Such beautiful leaves!

Kaity was an excellent helper. We had a very big pile for her to jump in!

This is the "tent" we made for our animals this week. Kaity just loves to hid inside and tuck all of the little animals in for a nap. She is a little sweetheart.

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