Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Raking is so much fun!

Isn't October the most gorgeous month? It would be my absolute favorite IF winter didn't follow so closely on its heals. I love the colors and smells and sounds. AND believe it or not, I love to rake leaves.

 I had a little helper yesterday too. Kaity and I had gone grocery shopping. She was my list scratcher-off-er at the grocery store. It gives her something to do AND let's her know she is IMPORTANT.
 I thought SURE we would find a kids' sized rake at Meijer, but there were NONE to be found. We put our groceries in my car and began the drive home. BUT the way home to my house goes right past LOWE'S! We parked our car and Kaity piggy-backed herself right into the store. We asked if there were any nice, small, sturdy rakes for kids and were directed where to find them! Yes! When we got to my house, raking was the first thing Kaity wanted to do.
 We began by raking, with Kaity using her shiny yellow rake (and her new princess work gloves) but the goal was not really to clear my yard of leaves. We decided to make a nice big pile of leaves that Kaity could run and jump in.
 Kaity thought it was an excellent idea, and put her whole heart into raking leaves into our pile.
 She had so much fun running and jumping into the pile.
 We had a leave fight too ... 

 Look at the happy face on this little child!
(My weird pumpkins and Kaity's little rake ... which will also be used by Brendan).

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