Friday, October 21, 2016

THIS boy ...

I look forward to my standing date with THIS boy every single Thursday! We have so much fun together. I adore this little cutie-pie.
I had misunderstood and thought that the WHALES exhibit was already open at the GR Museum this week ... but it doesn't open until Saturday. Well, that did not stop us from exploring around some of the other exhibits anyway.

 Future superman space-guy BRENDAN ANDREW ...
I love you, sweetheart! 
 Look at our beautiful state of Michigan! I didn't realize our elevations were that significant in the middle/upper lower peninsula! What a beautiful place Michigan is!

 Naturally, we did the carousel because it is so much fun to listen to the cool music and ride whichever animal you wish! Brendan ALWAYS chooses one of the giraffes!

 His sweet little face!

The museum was closed at 5:00, so I told Brendan that I needed a new pair of black boots and needed his expert help in picking them out! So we drove over to DSW where Brendan patiently pointed out boots as I tried them on. He is SO easy to take anywhere at all ... because he is super interested in EVERYTHING. We had so much fun and I got the prettiest boots ever! And then we ate at Culver's and enjoyed every bite as well as our chocolate ice cream for desert. What a nice way to spend a few hours with this precious little person.

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