Thursday, December 29, 2016

A few fun hours ...

I had Wednesday off work, SO I asked if I could take Brendan downtown to the Grand Rapids Public Museum to see the whale exhibit and the Charlie Brown exhibit and just hang out down there for a few hours.

 We always have a ton of fun at the museum. This grandparent membership thing is really a deal.
 Brendan caught a few magnetic fish at this little play area ... and bowled a little bit too.
 The Charlie Brown exhibit was upstairs on the second floor. I think it was mostly for older children because it required a lot of reading of the comic strips framed nicely and hanging on the walls ...
 Brendan got to play Schroeder's piano ... 
I think our favorite part of the exhibit was Snoopy's dog house. It was just so perfect, and INSIDE there were two puppets: Snoopy AND Woodstock! 
 This little sweetie LOVES puppets ...
 He was quite taken with both of them!

 We went all the way to the 3rd floor to see the whale exhibit. There was a bunch of stuff to see and do--again, I think mostly for older children and adults. Also, I didn't like the science part of it because it assumed that everyone was an evolutionist--I'm not! But the exhibit was well put together and worth seeing. There was a GIANT heart model that kids could actually crawl inside--they claimed this model was LIFE-SIZED!!

 This was also the ONLY place in the entire whale exhibit where photography of any kind was allowed!
 Just a few more pictures ....

 I love the gift shop at almost any museum ... such fun and interesting toys to play with!

Naturally, we rode the carousel too! For some reason, Brendan wanted us to SIT on the chair part of the carousel instead of on the animals this time. That's okay--just a bit unusual--Brendan usually always picks the giraffe to ride.
After the museum, we went to Culver's for lunch so that Brendan could get a FREE scoop of his very favorite chocolate ice cream for dessert. YUM.

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