Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mary Had A Baby

Last week when Brendan was over for a visit, I asked him if he would sing "Mary Had a Baby" for me BECAUSE the day he sang it in his church program, I did not video it.

Brendan is a performer, you have to know this about him. He did not hesitate even one second. I barely could get PhotoBooth up in time and get him situated in the right place before he was singing his little heart out ...

Also, I did not understand there was a second verse to the song! You see, at the end of the first video, Brendan is doing a little segue into verse two--I thought he was finished and cut him off--but then I realized my mistake and turned the video back on. He leads in by saying (sweetly) ... "Let's get the shepherds ready ... " 
I posted these videos on Facebook and my friends went crazy over his sweet little voice. Oh my word, I love this child.

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