Sunday, December 18, 2016

The cutest little angel EVER ...

Having been the darling-est sheep in all the world LAST year in the Christmas program, this year our little sweetheart was an angel ...
 Here he is with his darling sparkling halo, his wings, and everything. His mama told me she saw him stretching his arms and attempting flight earlier that morning ...
 I think (naturally) that he is the most beautiful angel I have ever seen ..
 The Pre-K and Kindergartners sang, "Mary Had a Baby" and Brendan knew every word ... you could hear his voice above the rest--very confidently singing with his perfect pitch notes! Look at the JOY!
 Brendan was excited that his Grandma (me) and his cousin (Ems) were there to see him perform. We got front-row seats too!
 Aren't the halos too much!?? Yikes--SO cute.
 After they sung THEIR number, there were many other numbers that followed. Brendan enjoyed each and every one and had this little angelic smile throughout the whole program ... until ...
 Brendan's friend, Reuben, leaned over and whispered, "The program is over!"
 Brendan bowed his head, covered his eyes with his hands, and broke into tears!

 Oh my goodness ... I thought my heart would break for him! He was SO into the performance, he simply wasn't ready for it to end! Brendan answered Reuben, "No it's not! It CAN'T be over!"
 Reuben repeated that indeed the show was done, without knowing Brendan's little heart was SO sad.
 I tried to cheer him up. He wiped his precious eyes and did his best to give me a smile.
I was able to catch these two pictures of him out in the hallway. I asked him: "What DO angels say, Brendan?" 
They say, "Fear not! Do NOT be afraid!" was his very apt and accurate reply!

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