Sunday, December 18, 2016

Random pictures from the last few weeks ...

I love preparing for Christmas, decorating my house, designing my Christmas card, telling the Christmas story to my grandchildren, and having them over to share the joy and beauty.

 Kaity and I built a nice layout the other day and she actually played with it for an entire hour, calming enjoying herself, before deciding that all the trains MUST crash, the tracks MUST be destroyed ... wherein, we put them back in their storage box for another day's play. But still! She played for an HOUR, and we had all sorts of scenarios happening with our little wooden trains that did involve crashing at all!
Emma's choir concert was a Tuesday night, December 6 (I believe). It was actually a combination of ALL the Comstock choirs grades six through twelve, including their special singing group ... the one I can never remember the name of! 
 It was a really nice concert. The eighth grade choir (the one Emma sings with) sang TWO numbers. The first was in French, the second in Latin. Emma did a wonderful job singing these songs. I was/am very proud of her.
 Brendan has been over quite a few times. He and I have read and acted out the Christmas story using our FP Nativity set quite a few times. He loves the story and I LOVE telling it!
 I love this little hands-on nativity set. There is nothing you can do to harm it and it is a wonderful tool to use with the narrative of Christmas. Beautiful music in the background also helps! Brendan loves the music of Christmas. Me too.
 One of the days, we lit ALL of the candles available in my little Beach House. Brendan is fascinated with fire. We turned all other lights OFF and just enjoyed the candlelight.

 Brendan entertains himself pretty constantly. He loves to make-believe and act stories out.
There are more pictures to come ...

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