Sunday, December 18, 2016

More pictures of the grandchildren

There is nothing super about any of these pictures ... except they are of my beautiful grandchildren, who have made my life full of purpose in these last few years. I love them dearly, and they love me too. I'm thankful for them every day. Kaity really truly loves each one of my stuffed animals (and I have a LOT of stuffed animals).

 This is Christopher studying the LEGO catalogs to try and decided what to order for Christmas.
 And this is Emma, showing me one of her early Christmas presents. I hope she is able to get this to work ... it is a door alarm for her bedroom door at home.
Here is Kaity re-arranging my Nativity Calendar. She doesn't quite grasp the concept of an actual calendar yet, so she is just arranging the characters in whatever fashion she chooses.
 I'm just glad that she likes it as much as she does! I bought this Nativity calendar before Emma was born! I was on a short "sister's vacation" with my sister Ruthanne and we were somewhere up north ... Charlevoix I think is where I purchased this.
 Brendan came over and WE designed our very own layout incorporating a few lighthouses for extra benefit.
Brendan loves trains like nothing else! He can make pretty authentic train sounds too ... constantly actually! :) 
 Rudolph got to take some special rides in Brendan's Police car ...
 This is Matthew playing our bean bag game, the one Emma made for me out of an old box I had in my shed.
 Matthew and Emma video-ing our bean bag game. Grandma was the Victor with 165 points!

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