Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A quiet Christmas Eve

It was kind of a slushy-weather Christmas Eve this year. I picked up the kiddos at 2:30 and we headed over here to celebrate the birthday of Jesus at The Beach House.
This little Nativity set (Fisher-Price) has gotten a lot of mileage around here. I had it under my tree for several weeks and, especially with the younger two grandchildren, had fun re-enacting the Christmas story adding several of our own animals around here to come and worship the baby Jesus. 
 We ate a little meal before opening our presents, but then we got right to it! Everyone pretty much knew what they were getting, since we had ordered it together on-line a few weeks prior.
 However, I did go to Dunham's and pick up some warm hats and gloves for the kids that they were not expecting. Matthew was very pleased with this face-mask knit hat with Christopher asking me why on earth I didn't get one for him! Actually, there was only one left in the store and for some reason, I just thought Matthew might like it best. Chris got a nice warm knit hat as well, but it was not a face mask.
 Sweet Kaity got a little lion (whom she named "BOY") with its very own back-pack. She had so much fun with it too.
 The boys, however, got quite a few complicated LEGO sets to assemble. They spent the next few hours ... assembling.

Kaity got a warm snow suit, gloves and hat so that she and I can go sledding on our Monday afternoons! She was very excited about it!
I wasn't able to snap any other pictures of Ems because she clearly did not want her picture taken, AND she was nicely playing with Kaity while the boys were LEGO building. She received a LEGO set too, but decided to build it at home in her cozy upstairs room. She also got some movies she had wanted and a little $$ (cash) to spend on her own.

I had intended to go to Calvary's Christmas Eve service, but ... by the time I returned the children home at 7:30 I was too tuckered out, so I went back home instead, put beautiful carols on my CD player and just soaked in Christmas beside my pretty Christmas tree. 

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