Monday, December 5, 2016

First Snow, December 4

Technically, we had a little dusting of snow a few weeks back, but nothing that accumulated or stuck around for more than an hour; so I think yesterday, could be called our first official snowfall of this winter season. 
 As always, I really could NOT stay inside when it was completely beautiful outside. I played up (and down), grabbed my camera and walked out into the blissful beauty ...

 Yesterday was its own kind of beauty. The sky was completely greyed over and the snow was falling hard and fast--very heavy and very wet.
I am not opposed to grey days whatsoever; however, I know that I like the blue sky, bright sun, shadow-laden days very much too.

 This is the golf course just down the road from where I live. I can't even think of the name of it! It is fenced off and I usually do not trespass there--but when there is no possibility whatsoever of interrupting a golf game, and there is a gap in the fence wide enough to step through--I could see no reason not to take a little walk.
 I think this picture (below) is my favorite from the afternoon. You can see the snow coming down at an angle, and I love those amber plants in the foreground.

I'm happy and thankful I have so many nice places where I can walk to in my neighborhood. I need the exercise too!

It's almost like I was shooting in black and white--there is so LITTLE color! What a beautiful and refreshing hour!

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