Monday, December 5, 2016

December 1

Last Thursday's date night with Brendan was to Breton Village Mall to see their fabulous train layout. Brendan had been to see if 2x prior, but he wanted to show it to his grandma! So we went.
 Brendan was SO excited. He was running around and around and around the layout pointing out all the cool stuff he could find.
 It is a very nice set-up actually and you can even get involved in a scavenger hunt (see Brendan's list?)

 We climbed the stairs to the second level to get a bird's eye view. We stayed upstairs quite awhile so that Brendan could point out each and every train.

 We spent a very easy hour watching the trains go around ...

 ... and horsing around on anything we could find at the Mall. THEN, we drove back to Brendan's house and ate a yummy dinner with Dylan and Kelly--some kind of super delicious Greek lasagna!
So thankful for these Thursday night dates with this sweetheart and his family!

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