Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Saturday evening at Deer Park

August 5:  Emma attended a wedding with her mom Saturday evening, so it was the boys and Kaity who came over. We ate some fruit here at The Beach House, and then we drove over to Deer Park to feed the animals and play on their great playgrounds.

 Kaity is not afraid of any animal, big or small. She loves the goats, the pigs, the donkeys, the birds, rabbits--everything.

 Isn't this donkey SO darling?

 Chris, too, loves the animals. He cracked up with these goats.

 Kaity loves this little house so much. It is really a very nicely built playhouse. Kaity loves to pretend she is the mama here and all of the dolls are her children.

 We were excited to see how the baby bunnies had grown. The last time we were here to see them, they were FIVE days old, had no hair, and their eyes had not yet opened. Kaity is holding one of those bunnies who is now three weeks (I think).

 The kids went back to this climbing building and spent a LOT of time in the tunnels and on the slide. Whoever invented this thing was pretty smart. The children just love it here.
 We stayed and took in the 6:00 "show" which was about antlers and horns, the characteristics and differences of each. It lasted about 15 minutes. Kaity lasted about 5 of those 15, but she did OK and suffered through the rest. 

It was a nice few hours, though, and the children were able to run and play. So thankful for these times with them.

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