Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The zoo ... again?!!

August 3:  Yes! The zoo AGAIN. I love it at the zoo. Brendan does too. He does not get tired of it one single bit. Aren't these sonia's lovely?

 And these ducks with the sky-blue beaks! I tried to discover what special kind of duck they were, but the signage there at the zoo did not include a picture of a blue-billed duck.
 This dear boy makes the zoo so much fun.
 He is pretty intense about animals in general ... he absolutely loves them all.

 We visited for awhile at the penguin pool and watched them swim and dive ...
 The frog house is a pretty cool place too. I didn't know there were so many different kinds of frogs in the world--some of them poison ones at that! Brendan is standing by a sounding board that had 12 different frogs and their individual sounds. Brendan, being a very cause-and-effect kind of child, really loved pushing the buttons and listening to their distinct sound.
 Look at his perfectly happy little face!
 We were cracking up listening to all the different sounds and some of the funny names these frogs have.

 Then we walked over to where the budgie birds live .... a nice walk on a very pleasant late afternoon.

 The budgies were super aggressive Thursday! It was difficult to have only ONE bird on a stick. Usually, there were two or three. At one point, Brendan had birds on his head, his back, his shoulder and his arms! Me too! It was crazy.

 Isn't this a great picture of Little Fellow?

 Brendan! You have such a sweet little soul!
 We took the boardwalk for a long distance. This is a new addition to the zoo and we just wanted to see where it would go.

 But it was already almost 6PM (closing time), plus there was a light sprinkle and I heard thunder rumbling!
 We walked over to the Funicular and took it down, down, down to the bottom!

 It's always worth it, even if is is only an hour or two, to just come and enjoy our zoo.

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