Sunday, August 13, 2017

These boys!

August 10:  I invited Brendan, Aidan, Dylan, Kelly and Shannon over for dinner Thursday evening. Everyone came, except Shannon--she had another appointment to keep. 
 This is Aidan Paul who is officially five months on the 11th. He weighs 17 pounds ... just from his mama's nourishment alone! He is a dear, sweet baby with the softest fatness ever. 
When Aidan smiles, his little nose wrinkles and his eyes sparkle ... I did not get any pictures of him smiling tonight, but it wasn't that he wasn't smiling--I just wasn't very sharp with my camera. Dinner was distracting me, etc. 
 Dylan and Aidan. Kelly had to work tonight, so we saw her only briefly. Aidan had a bit of a fussy time where Dylan and I sought to pacify his little anguished heart from missing his mama. Plus the fact that he is most assuredly teething.
 Brendan and I played in the back toy room when I wasn't cooking or cleaning up or walking Aidan. Thankfully, Brendan is pretty good at playing by himself! Love him so much.

 Aidan super enjoys his tummy time. We got out all of our bugs for him tonight: Squeeker, Crinkle and I forget the others' name! Anyway, I have had these little toys since Emma was a baby. Aidan is especially fond of Squeeker.
 Aidan was almost crawling tonight. He had his feet underneath his knees, his little bottom in the air and he was almost able to move in a forward direction--watch out! Isn't he cute?
I love his little round head! AND he has the softest skin ever. :)

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