Thursday, November 5, 2015

A few mid-fall photos ...

If it weren't for the sobering fact that winter follows right on the heels of fall, autumn would be my favorite month ever--simply because of the stunning beauty, sometimes exuberantly colorful, and other times just so ... peacefully quiet. I love it so much.
We are way past the color heyday of fall at this point, but even with the poor trees being naked (almost), it was just a lovely day to be out walking and enjoying the clear fresh air.
Below is a place just around the block from the hospital (where I work). I would LOVE to climb this fence and see what is on the other side! Because whenever I take a walk around the block, I can hear birds singing from blocks away and they are ALL right behind this fence, coming and going, chirping and singing and gathering ... it is a beautiful sight and sound.
I haven't decided if ORANGE is my favorite ... perhaps RED ... ah--but YELLOW is so lovely too!

Here it is, practically mid-November, and we still have plenty of blooming flowers. What a beautiful fall it is!

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