Monday, November 16, 2015

More Brendan ...

I had my standing date with Brendan Thursday after work. We went on over to the Children's Museum because it is so much fun to play there. We build a pretty solid and nice-looking train track and made VERY long trains--that kept de-railing because Brendan would NOT make them shorter!
These next pictures are classic Brendan. They show his personality EXACTLY. For as laid-back as he is, he is VERY serious when learning a new skill. Look how intent he is! 
He looks like a little Maestro!
 Brendan--You did a really nice job figuring out this unusual musical contraption!
 We had dinner "out" at Beijing Kitchen, a little "dive" downtown that has the absolute BEST fried rice in the world.
Naturally, Brendan felt he had to learn to use chopsticks in order to eat his meal ... yikes ... he cracks me up.

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