Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another sweet Kaity-day ...

So it seems that Kaity and I have finally reached the point where we have a nice pattern to our visits. You see, Kaity had to get used to the Beach House! At first, she wanted to play with everything ALL AT ONCE--and she could hardly contain herself or concentrate. But I think she is more relaxed here now since she has investigated every shelf, bin, crate, box--that she can get her hands on.
When I picked her up yesterday, Jesse and Diana were telling me that Kaity is really "into horses" lately ... horses and trains. I do not have any toy trains, other than puzzles here; but I did remember a little wind-up horse in my collection somewhere around here. 
I took it out and handed it to Kaity. She examined it for a minute, not knowing that it could be wound up and gallop away ... 
 When I wound it up for her and it took off, she was SO delighted--look at her laughing at it!
 "How do you make it go, Grandma?" Kaity asked.
I showed her how to wind it up ... 
 ... and away it galloped!

 Look at her beautiful, happy little face! Isn't she something?
One of Kaity's favorite things is my basket with musical instruments. She plays with them every week. She is not very impressed, however, with my piano--nor does she want ME to play it either! But that's OK. Perhaps she will grow in her musical appreciation (!!). She especially loves my Bedouin flute from Israel and my blue recorder flute.
Last week I found out that Kaity loves to help do the dishes, especially since she gets to wear a fancy yellow glove like grandma wears! AND she gets to have her very own scrub brushes and bubbles in the sink to play with. 
 Kaity is a very hard little worker ...
 She clearly is delighted in the whole process.

 She is very tedious about her cleaning ...
 When I thanked her for all of her help, she responded with a very sweet "You are welcome, grandma."
We also played for a very long time with several of my soft stuffed animals. Kaity had a whole family of stuffed bears who were interacting with each other, and she found two of my little stuffed lions that she referred to as "pumas." So cute. Kaity, you are precious.

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