Monday, November 16, 2015

Mondays are Kaity days ...

I think that I can finally and truthfully say that Mondays are Kaity days. Since Monday is my day off work, we have gotten into a routine of spending the afternoon together. I usually pick Kaity up at 1:00 and return her home by 5:00 or so, depending on our activities.
We usually share lunch together, although Kaity does not eat much at one time. She is used to just eating little bits at a time throughout the day, I guess. But I do manage to get a few healthy items into her tummy while she is here. 
This last Monday promised good weather ... possibly the last good-weather-Monday for a very long time. Kaity LOVES to play at a good playground. We have found one that isn't too terribly far from where she lives. She just loves it there so much. AND when Kaity is playing at a playground, her little personality really comes out.
She is a tiresome explorer!
She laughs almost the entire time she is there!
She is constantly, forever and always, on the MOVE ...
She climbs and swings and slides and RUNS the whole time we are outside together.
There are nice hiking trails at this special park ... Wahlfield County Park it is called (if I am remembering correctly). I was trying to convince Kaity to go hiking with me. She wasn't very interested until a little pug puppy we had met on the playground went romping down the pathway that led to the woods.
I asked Kaity if she wanted to follow the puppy ... and naturally, she did! So we went on a woodsy adventure together. Kaity found herself a really nice walking stick and forged ahead.
It is a beautiful place to hike and explore. WHY haven't I hiked here before!??
Kaity! You are so sweet!
Kaity is happiest when she is running. She is a very fast runner!
I finally caught up to her on the bridge, and she was very curious to see the little creek ...
I asked Kaity to slow down so that I could get her picture .... she seemed somewhat annoyed with me, but complied.

We stayed out in the woods for 20 minutes or so (which is quite a long time for Kaity). When it was time to hike back to the playground, she rode piggy-back for awhile--that was fun too.
 "Look at ME, Grandma! I'm flying! I'm a bird and I'm FLYING!"
Such happy pictures of this little pixie.

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