Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Mary Free Bed turkey!

So this is the city-famous Mary Free Bed turkey that I had been hearing about for ... months! Co-workers would tell me that this quite large bird just roamed the neighborhood around the hospitals. I was jealous! I had never met this turkey!
Dylan and I had met for lunch one afternoon ... we each walked from where we work and met together at a little Chinese buffet place. We enjoyed a nice 45 minutes together, but then we went our separate ways. I was SO pleased to run into Turkey-Joe here!
Quite a handsome bird, don't you think?
There is actually an enforcement officer (by the Yield sign) warning me to "stay my distance." I guess Joe has a reputation of being somewhat aggressive.
It just seemed pretty weird to me to watch a wild turkey crossing Wealthy Street.
He turned and looked at me while I was photographing him -- very friendly, I thought.

We actually had a patient last summer who was on a city bus on the corner of 28th Street and Division, when the bus door opened, a wild turkey flew in, ran up the aisle and nearly scared her to death. She injured her knee (enough to where she needed to see a surgeon) trying to protect herself from the turkey ...
I wonder if Turkey Joe was the culprit! Oh my.

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