Sunday, November 8, 2015

A hiking we will go ...

Today was the first time in two weeks since I have seen the grandchildren. Everyone had been sick at their house, and they had kind of passed it back and forth between them. But today, for the first time in a very long time, all three older grandkids came over to my house. We had a quick snack first, and then headed out to the woods ...
Since Pickerel Lake is so close by and SO perfect for hiking and exploring, we went there!
 Christopher was just positive he was going to be "bored out of his mind" ... but he did not stop smiling, laughing, running, climbing, joking, exploring for the few hours we were outside together.
 I love to see the grandchildren play like this!

 Just about every single leaf was OFF the trees. It was fun to shuffle our feet in them. The kiddos had a leaf fight too.

 Since, without question, I cannot live 10 minutes from Lake Michigan--it is a comfort to be this close to hiking trails, beautiful woods, an interesting lake (I don't say a beautiful lake, because Pickerel Lake is one of the oddest lakes I have ever seen!) ... to enjoy throughout every season of the year.

 The kids were so much fun today. I told them that "magic" happens out in the woods.
 And I believe that it does! Look at these great kiddos playing, laughing, joking! So happy!

 Christopher even hammed it up for me a little bit and smiled sweetly for a picture!

 So thankful, so blessed to be a grandma to these children. Thank you so much Lord.

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