Sunday, November 22, 2015

Little Fellow looks so grown up ...

Being a grandma is a wonderful thing, and there is nothing to equal it anywhere (in my experience at least). I was asked to babysit this dear little person last night because his folks were going to see a play, starring their very good friend!
I was SO surprised when I came up the front steps to hear absolute SCREAMING coming from inside the house! It was Brendan screaming, "Grandma's here! Grandma's here!" Oh my word. When I opened the door, he was jumping up and down, running in circles, and smiling from ear to ear. AND he had this fabulous-looking haircut!
Dylan and Kelly said Brendan, for some reason, had not been interested in eating dinner before they left, so Kelly instructed me on a few quickie items that I could feed Brendan when he got hungry. Brendan ate quite a few sliced cheeses, an apple, and a nice big slice of Kelly's homemade pumpkin bread (which was delicious).
Afterwards, Brendan and I just played and played. He is so much fun to play with.
He is a silly and funny little child ... but not the kind of silly that is foolish, if you know what I mean. He just likes to ham it up and mess around ... but he is not at all foolish.
I asked him to give me a kiss and here is his wonderful pucker face ...
But when I took his picture, he cracked up! Possibly because he was calling me "Carol" instead of "Grandma Carol." I told him that I LOVED being called grandma, and I thought being called Grandma Carol was pretty nice too ... but anyone in the whole world could call me Carol. 
We talked it over ... and over. So I told him every time he called me just plain CAROL, I would have to call him GEORGE. "But that's not my name!" Brendan protested.
We tried it a few times where he would randomly refer to me as "Carol" and I would respond by over-emphasizing the name GEORGE in his direction. For some reason, I always have reverted to using "George" to refer to anyone who was irksome, although there was a particular person for whom I used it (eventually) as a term of endearment (honestly!).
The more Brendan thought about it, the funnier it got! He is such a funny and darling chunk of a boy.

I had Brendan try on Kelly's costume wig ... he really didn't want anything at all to do with it and yanked it off his head immediately after I snapped this picture--he did manage to give me a tiny smile first!

Once in our pjs we settled down to watch "The Gruffalo's Child" (which Brendan knows verbatim) and enjoyed snuggling and cuddling while viewing that really entertaining story. After it was over, I told Brendan it was potty time and bedtime. He protested both, but was so entirely exhausted, that he went along with my directives without too much fuss. I tucked this darling into bed kissing his soft face and rubbing his little back ... he was sleeping in two minutes. Love him.

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