Sunday, November 29, 2015

Oh my word ... Christopher is TWELVE!

Twelve years already? STOP! I just cannot believe how the years go by so quickly. Christopher, you are growing up so fast. I made this little collage of a few pictures of you from this last year.
You have such a great smile, Chris! And it was very fun to watch you play football this year. You are learning the game and your moves much better! 
 It was fun to watch you open your gifts at your party last night ... everything from NERF guns to LEGOS, and more ...
 Emma got herself all dressed to the nines for your party ...
 And YOU decided to have a piggy-backed piece of birthday cake!
 Kaity-girl was very enthused about your party too ...
Emma painted you a special picture for your birthday. I love this picture of you two. 

Twelve is a pretty big deal, Chris. Only six more years until you are eighteen. Praying that you will learn at a young age how AWESOME the Lord is, how much He loves you, what great plans He has for your life. I pray that you will know Him and serve Him and allow Him to have His way all the days of your life. I love you tons, Chris!

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