Monday, November 9, 2015

Katie's first trip to the Children's Museum!

Kelly let me know the other day that every 2nd Monday of the month, the Children's Museum is open from 10-2M for member's only. Ah! I am a member! I am able to be with Kaity every Monday afternoon and I was so wishing to bring her to the Children's Museum--except that it is closed EVERY Monday!
 I was so happy when Kelly told me about this 2nd Monday of the month special. Look at Kaity's happy little face at the sand table. We played with dump trucks and sifters and scoops and just had a great time!

 There is a ton of stuff to do at the Children's Museum. I just let Kaity loose and it was delightful to see how happy she was wandering from activity to activity.
 The little cars with a huge hit, though. This little gas station was perfect for Kaity. She loved filling her cars up with gas.
 We did a lot of building too ... with giant blocks ...
 ... and regular blocks too!
 Kaity is a very good builder! When she is really concentrating hard on something, she bites her shirt (below). This helps her construction be more successful (I guess).
 We played at the Emergency area--fireman, rescue workers, etc.
 And we spent some time in the kitchen making dinner ...
 But we kept going back to the little cars. Kaity especially loved the ones that had trailers attached. So handy for bringing new friends along for a ride.
 The little girl approached Kaity (who was meowing at the stuffed kitty in her hand) and asked her "how many are you?" (meaning ... how old are you?) Kaity very quietly told her she was "three" and then went back to her conversation with the stuffed cat.

 There is a car repair shop at the museum too. Perfect. A girl MUST have her tools. And what better tool to fix a car with than ... a hand saw!
 Yes. A hand saw.
 Kaity diligently worked on her cars getting them all in working order.
 Isn't she sweet?
 Then we went back to my house where we made music together, ate a nice lunch, played with our Matchbox cars and track ...

... and when we were finished eating our lunch, Kaity even helped me do dishes. She was especially pleased when we used LOTS of bubbles. Such a nice day with you, Kaity-girl!

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