Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chutes and Ladders

 Brendan dropped in for a Monday morning visit this week. We played Chutes and Ladders!
 Brendan is four and is still getting the hang of playing games, rolling dice, spinning wheels, etc. So this was a bit of a wild game. I was the little girl figure (Brendan named her Marcie) and Brendan was the little boy (we didn't name him). Bill, the owl, joined in the game at the last minute ...
 And guess who won?! Bill did!
 We made a "house" on the couch for Brendan. His next-door neighbor was Bill. Bill had a very special lighthouse door to his house. Brendan played forever in these little houses with the flashlight that I let him borrow.
 We found a little time for Lego's--which Brendan loves.
So so glad you dropped on over, Brendan! You are always welcome to come play at Grandma's house!

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