Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Brendan reads ME his favorite story!

Brendan has a favorite book or two ... or one hundred! But certainly "Owl Babies" is right at the top. Kelly and Dylan have read this story to him since he was a very tiny baby, AND there is a wonderful video of the story that he has seen probably 100 times. Brendan has a stuffed owl named "Bill" after the littlest baby owl in this story. I was tucking him into bed Mother's Day evening and after I had read a few books to him, he decided to read THIS one to ME. He knows every single word and he reads with such wonderful animation! He even changes voices for the owls--Bill has the tiniest of voices because he is the littlest owl!

 (There is quite a bit of other dialogue in the book--and Brendan did not miss a single word, but I skipped over some of it out of necessity for this blog post ...)

 The little owls were happily reunited with their Mother Owl and the book ends with them all together. There is a lot more to the story that Mark Waddell wrote--a very sweet and simple bedtime story. I think it is one of my favorites too.

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