Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Little Kaity-Girl ...

It had been TWO weeks since Kaity had been over to my house. I was "sick" last week and had to cancel--the first time I have ever cancelled Kaity--so I was very glad to get to spend time with her this week.
 It has been unusually cold here in Grand Rapids this spring and I just cannot seem to get warm! So instead of playing at a playground or the zoo or something outdoors, we just played here at my house. We did all of our usual stuff and then Kaity took a nice warm refreshing bath. We washed her hair and combed about 834 knots tangles and other assorted messes from her beautiful hair, which took almost an hour--but as Kaity sat on my bed looking through my jewelry boxes, I took tiny sections of her hair and meticulously combed through, making sure not to hurt her scalp in the process. I prayed and asked the Lord to help me do this as painlessly as possible. He was very good to hear and answer!
 Since we were washing Kaity's clothes, I had to find her something to wear after her bath. She is actually wearing one of my shirts and a pair of socks the boys used to wear around here occasionally.
 Since she had been so brave and patient during the ordeal with her hair, Kaity was rewarded with an ice cream sundae! I braided her hair so that it would not knot up quite as quickly.
We also played with stamps and made her daddy a birthday card with pretty flowers and hearts. We played with some silly putty for a long time too. And Kaity used the potty three times! Good job, Kaity!

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