Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kaity time ...

Kaity and I went to the zoo Monday afternoon. It was nearly a perfect day for zoo-ing too! Kaity was quite excited to see the animals.

It is still early in the season, and sadly, many of the animals are not quite in their habitats! We did see a few ducks.
We walked over to see the spider monkeys, but they were all soundly sleeping ...
We checked out the pelicans (no pictures) who were not doing much of anything whatsoever. We climbed high up to see if we could find any lions ... but ... they were sleeping too!
Kaity thought all of the animals quite silly for taking naps! We did play on the wooden train for quite awhile. Kaity stepped into the little car that looks like a restaurant and served me up a hamburger and fries. She even produced a chocolate milkshake for me!
Doesn't she look pretty in this beautiful bright pink and orange?
We were at the zoo for about an hour and a half. We looked at the camels, but we didn't ride them. We went searching for the tigers and finally found ONE beautiful tiger walking about (my pictures did not turn out). Kaity was happy the whole time.

We played up in the tree house for awhile. Kaity was pretty thrilled with this huge trampoline.
It was finally time to go to grandma's house. We played a little bit of school. Kaity was very pleased to work on her letters and numbers like a big kiddo.

Kaity--you are such a love!

I enjoy these Monday afternoons so much with little Kaity-girl!

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