Sunday, May 1, 2016

This little girl ...

After eight months of coming to my house each and every (almost) Monday afternoon, I think Kaity and I have settled into what could be perhaps called a routine. She is much more relaxed now at my house, and we find lots of stuff to do together.
 She really enjoys blocks of all kinds. These little letter blocks are good for many kinds of play. Kaity is a good stacker of blocks! Isn't her expression so funny in this picture?!
 Kaity still enjoys the little work-cart, gets all the tools out and sets about fixing stuff. Emma loved this toy for years and years. It was well worth the money I spent on it when Ems was a baby!

 This week Kaity FINALLY allowed me to read her a story: "Are you My Mother?" She was very amused by the baby bird who could not find his mama.
We did bubbles outside, Kaity had a nice relaxing bath, we ate our usual fruit and crackers while we listened to our children's album about Jesus, we blew up balloons and hit them back and forth ...

 Kaity had been begging me to do my Resurrection Eggs with her. I keep these special eggs way up high on the play shelves because they are plastic and easy to break. We brought them to the craft table where we opened each egg to see what was inside. You see, a person can tell the entire Easter story from the objects inside the eggs! Kaity was rather anxious and quite impatient to see what each egg contained, so my telling of the Easter story was rather quick and a bit abbreviated. But interestingly, when she got home and saw her mama, the first thing she said was: "Mama ... those mean people hurt God!" and she pointed up to the ceiling with her hand. She told Emma the same thing as soon as she saw her ... SO ... at least Kaity heard SOME of the story!
I love you, Kaity-Girl. I'm glad to be your grandma. 

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