Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Emma is growing up so quickly

Last week Christopher asked if I would take the kiddos to see "Angry Birds: The Movie" and the sooner the better! Since Sunday was the only day the kids were available this weekend, we took in the movie Sunday afternoon and saw a 1:30 matinee. After the movie was over, I took Kaity back to her house (because she gets to come over every Monday afternoon all by herself) and invited the older kids to come over to my house for awhile. The boys declined (!!), but Emma came ...

In the almost 14 years of Emma's life, the two of us have not often had a one-on-one, so it is always a treat. We came back to the house and just hung out together. We enjoyed some good talks, nice food, some peace and quiet, and a Bible story about Living Water and the woman at the well. Emma is an excellent listener, always tracks well with the story, paints an illustration as I teach, and then we talk about the story for a little while. I played the song by Anointed, "Drink from this Water" following our story. Jesus is Living Water, and he satisfies every thirst of every human being, the deep-down needs in our hearts, and He never disappoints.

Emma played the piano for awhile too. She has taught herself very well these couple of years and has a very good memory. She sings very nicely too. I'm thankful she loves music. 

Praying that you drink every day from the Living Water, Emma, give your life to Jesus, let Him lead and guide your life to know and love Him always. He will never leave you or forsake you. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He loves you more than I do (which is a LOT).

PS     A brief review of "Angry Birds." The art and animation were good. But there was a pretty big chunk of the story that I really believe was mocking God. The birds were in big trouble, having been invaded by pigs from a far-off island. The birds had a hero, a super eagle, who lived up on a high mountain. There were statues of the eagle in the little bird village, and he was said to be very great, but no one had ever seen him. But when the birds desperately needed to be rescued, and three of them had taken the perilous journey to climb the mountain to find him, what they found was a fat, lazy, arrogant, self-centered, do-nothing eagle; so they learned that they had to rescue themselves. Perhaps I was reading more into it than was there ... but ... I believe Jesus came to rescue us by the power of His atoning death on the cross and His resurrection. There is no way we could "save" ourselves from darkness and evil and the sin inside us--only Jesus can do that. 

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